Lack of Focus? Or Multitasking as Art Form?

I came across a free trial subscription to this week, so now I’m listening to the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People on my iPod while commuting home from work. I feel highly effective since I’m learning to be more effective while also writing my weekly blog and actively procrastinating.

I believe I deserve a few moments of relative respite because I performed my interview with Yahoo! co-founder and CEO Jerry Yang today and got some great sound bites for my Leadership paper. I also managed to squeeze in some reading for my classes this afternoon while inhaling a burrito as big as my head at my desk.

We at Haas are intimately familiar with the concept of multitasking. We’re poets, doctors, lawyers, mothers, husbands—and business school students all, and these various permutations require some serious juggling. I assure you, the EWMBA program will help you enter the elite strata of overachieving.

Have you ever been deep in dinner conversation and suddenly, instinctively placed your hand on your hip, reaching for a Blackberry that’s not there and therefore not actually vibrating? Ever found yourself typing an email, downloading a song, talking on the phone and watching TV all at the same time? Answer yes to either of these questions, and you belong.

In all seriousness, existing as a part-time MBA student will goose your productivity to new heights. You will accomplish things you never dreamed imaginable, and you will have fun all along the way. I get out of bed every morning knowing that I’ll tackle myriad challenges in my work, professional, and academic lives with relative aplomb, and advance my own personal knowledge base in the process. On the days I’ve gotten at least four hours of sleep, this makes me feel good.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to take a brisk walk. During which I’ll be listening to my Leadership reading, typing emails to co-workers and reading the paper. No rest today; I can sleep over Thanksgiving break.

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