Knowing your audience

The first group project for Brand Management was due last Monday. It was to develop a marketing strategy for Intuit. I gave the presentation on the project with another member of my group. As an added bonus, the Director of Marketing from Intuit was the guest speaker for the evening. I still get nervous when I give presentations. However, giving a presentation in front of someone from the company that’s the topic of your project adds another dimension to the nervousness of presenting. Fortunately, all the presentations for the class went very well. The Director from Intuit was very complimentary and she gave some great insights into the actual marketing strategy for her company.

The class had another guest: a prospective student. It was the second prospective student that sat in on the class since the beginning of the semester. I find it interesting that a marketing class would be used as a marketing tool for Haas. When I was applying to business school, I also sat in on a marketing class, albeit at a different, yet equally illustrious, MBA program. I suppose that Brand Management is a class that showcases the EWMBA program better than something such as Topics in Taxation. But I could be wrong. Perhaps the prospective student is a CPA.

One more thing, if you are a prospective student and you happen to work at a gourmet food company, please be sure to bring in some goodies for the class. It will earn you some early goodwill from your future classmates.

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