It’s all downhill from here…

Or so you would think. But my last semesters at Haas are proving just as fast-paced and jam-packed as all the others. I’ve got only four units left, but I’ve been determined to take advantage of all the opportunities on campus that I can in this last year. I’m spending the usual time on classes, but much more time on the extracurriculars. For me, that’s been the Berkeley Board Fellowship, Net Impact club, planning events with the EWMBAA Social Committee, on-campus recruiting, and hopefully I’ll get a spot in the Oakland Small Schools Residency program starting next month. It’s hectic, but with graduation in sight I don’t want to miss out on anything.

My name is Rebecca Browning, and I’m in my third year of the EWMBA program. I work for a book publisher in downtown SF, acquiring books on leadership, business, and management. My time at Haas has gone by so much quicker than I expected. It’s had it’s ups and it’s downs, and it’s definitely been challenging, but it’s an experience I’d recommend to anyone.

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