By way of introduction

My name is Diana and I’ll be one of the bloggers for this year. I’m a second-year student in the EWMBA program. I attend the Evening classes at Haas. I grew up in Southern California, in such exotic places as the San Fernando Valley, Riverside and Orange County. I studied International Relations and History at the University of Pennsylvania (Go Quakers!). Currently, I live and work in San Francisco. When I look at the Haas Student Profile, I’m pretty much a statistical outlier in that I studied social sciences and I don’t work in high tech. These are my experiences with the EWMBA program.

I think that the best part about business school is the people. The students are very smart and talented. I learn from my classmates as well as from the professor and the case readings. If I have a question about a particular industry, such as banking, I can ask one of my classmates that works in banking.

We are already in the sixth week of the fall semester. I’m back into the crazy, hectic schedule of working and going to school. Lately, I’ve been going to sleep around 1am. I wasn’t sure how different school would be once I got into the elective courses, but I am about as tired as I was last year. Today, I had a conference call with my Brand Management team during lunch. I have several chapters to read before class tomorrow night and a group project/presentation due Monday. It’s not always all work and no play, but there are deadlines for next week.

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